sábado, 17 de abril de 2010


28 & 29th APRIL

This year, in the framework of the Open Bloc Fess-tival, a new event will take place in the mornings: the first BCN School Open Days, with the support of IBE and the ‘Federació’.  

The main objective of the school open day is for the children to discover our sport: climbing. Therefore, activities and workshops have been created so that they can enjoy as much as they can as regards to climbing and anything related.

The activity has been successfully accepted. There were over 900 application forms out of the 200 places we were offering, which will guarantee the activity to also take place in the following year.      

28 & 29 APRIL

During the last years, the ‘Open Bloc Fess-tival’ is confirmed as one of the most important climbing competitions in Spain. The key of the success is its main objective of reaching everyone; in particular, the beginners who want to make the first step onto the rock! With the priority of enjoying, without any judges or time limits, just you participating, the challenges, and friends, of course! A big party with the friends of Red Bull….

As the number of participants increases, we have created more activities for them. This year we will prepare more than 30 routes for the best current climbers and equippers and people from Bous, who you can meet in our blog :   www.elsbousdelasalle.blogspot.com. Felix Obradó, Ana Gimenez, Helena Alemán, Marieta Cartró, Berta Martin, Victor Esteller, Oriol Maraver, Jose Valdivia “Pepín”, Jordi del Pozo, Gerard Rull, Alex Sanchez, Pep Terrades, Pere Julia, Oriol Cañelles, Albert “Kueka” Jover, Alex Granados, Marco Jubes, Andoni Perez, Miguel Navarro and Xevi “Sava” will be in charge of any proposal so that you can enjoy whichever level you have.   

This year, we will be able to use our rock climbing wall, the structure provided by FEEC, and the amazing R.A.M. (motorized articulated climbing wall) that the company 9b+ kindly lends to us.

The service from Test Center of Black Diamond, Scarpa and Tenaya are all the necessary material given to you to freely participate. We should point out the participation of Vèrtic, Black Diamond, Tenaya, Korda’s, Gargola, Dark Arrow, A.E.Sostenible, Red Bull, Green Monkey, Edelrid, Vaude, Campo Base, 9b+, North Face, Dual Grups, K+, Fixe-Faders, Garra, Escalar, Aneto, 8c+, Inesca, Didak’s, T1, Mutante, Luittoni, Top30, El Forat, Free Flocks, La panxa del Bou, Climbat, Gibbon and Weider. All together provide more than 6.000 € in prizes which will be raffled among all participants of the three competitions.  

During the two days, from 9am to 10pm, you will be able to try all the routes and enjoy the environment accompanied by the mobile disco of Luitoni and DJ’s playing good music and with bars with plenty of food and drink... The rhythm should not be stopped... a great rock climbing party... a great Fess-Tival !!! We expect you!!   

1st MAY

Bouldering returns with to the universities. The Sports Service from Ramon Llull University together with the La-+ Salle Sports service (CELS), the La Salle Rambling club (GELS) and the Catalonian Rambling Associations are organizing this competition in order to look for the best climbers from our universities. The only requirement is to be a student and the will to compete!   

This is associated with the 2nd Catalan Cup on Bouldering, one of the most important competition in Spain. The best climbers will show off the hardest and most amazing movements in order to be the best boulder in Catalonia.

Everybody will be able to participate in the contest organized by Vertic shops:  THE STRONGEST HANDS IN CATALONIA, The prize for the winners will be a Korda.

The raffle will take place at the end of the competition... Are you going to miss this opportunity?  

28th & 29th  APRIL  & 1st MAY

The creation of Open Business rises from the idea of bringing the manufacturers, suppliers of the different brands of the sector together with the customers. A day for climbers and  the manufacturers to meet.  Vertic, Korda’s, Fixe-Faders, Dark Arrow, Didak’s, and Climbing Association  d’Escalada are some of the companies who have already confirmed their attendance. Companies of the sector want to present to you their products and with incredible offers so that you enjoy the day to the most.