lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011


4 & 5th MAY

Afterwards the successful first edition, this year arrives the 2nd School Open days with the support of the Institut Barcelona Esports (IBE).

The main objective of the School Open day is for the children to discover our sport: climbing. Therefore, activities and workshops have been created so that they can enjoy as much as they can as regards to climbing and anything related: boulder climbing, sportive climbing, slack line, acrosport,… We will create the best atmosphere around climbing, always with the aid of the Bous de la Salle Climbing Competition Team’s members.

More than 300 children will enjoy this event which is expected to grow up year after year.

4 & 5th MAY

What do you think if… we propose you two days surrounded by more than 40 routes for the best current climbers and equippers and also good friends of Bous de la Salle? We are talking about Ramón Julián, Edu Marín, Ignasi Tarrazona, Marc Jimenez, Felix Obradó, Helena Alemán, José Agustí, Marieta Cartró, Roger Crespo, Berta Martin, Carlos Catari, Shirleys Noriega, Victor Esteller, Oriol Maraver, Jordi Salas “Pelon”, Oriol Cañelles, Albert “Kueka” Jover,  Marco Jubes, Armando Raya, Miguel Navarro and Marc Recasens who will be in charge of any proposal so that you can enjoy whichever level you have. You can meet them in our blog

What do you think if… we propose you two days nonstop party with the music of Red Bull’s cracks, bars with food and drinks and different stands of the top brands with special offers just for the event?
What do you think if…furthermore, the service from Test Center of Black Diamond and Tenaya
 are all the necessary material given to you to freely participate?

We should point out the participation of Gargola, Vèrtic, Black Diamond, Tenaya, Dark Arrow, Korda’s, Red Bull, Green Monkey, Edelrid, Vaude, North Face, Campo Base, Fixe, Faders, Didak’s, Gibbon, Inesca, Evolv, Metolius, Pro Rock, Charko, Five Ten, Salomon, Tsunami Climbing, Victor Endurance, Dual Grups, 8c+, T1, Luittoni, Parabolt the World, Desnivel, Top30, El Forat, La Panxa del Bou, Mc Plaf and Climbat. All together provide more than 6.000 € in prizes which will be raffled among all participants of the three competitions.   

In this edition, besides our rock climbing wall and the structure provided by FEEC, we will also be able to use two more structures by courtesy of Gàrgola: a monolit and the master piece of the climbing structures: the Rotobloc.

4 & 5th MAY 2011
9am – 10pm
+ than 40 routes
 We expect you!!!


Students and members of La Salle Sport & Fitness, Bous de La Salle, GELS and/or CELS can freely participate (though the t-shirt will not be included), and it will cost 12 € for associates (you need to bring licence and ID card) and 16€ for the rest of participants. The competition price includes a t-shirt and the opportunity to use our sports centre after competing: you can use the swimming-pool, enjoy the sauna or use our gym.

You can register to participate both days prior to the first competition you are participating at the big top which will be installed on the basketball court in the La Salle International Campus.

4, 5 & 7th MAY

The creation of Open Business rises from the idea of bringing the manufacturers, suppliers of the different brands of the sector together with the customers. A day for climbers and the manufacturers to meet. Gàrgola, Dark Arrow, Vaude, Edelrid, Fixe, Faders, Metolius, Evolv, ProRock, Didak’s, Green Monkey, 5.10, Gibbon, Salomon, Charko, Tsunami Climbing, Volx, Parabolt the world are some of the companies who have already confirmed their attendance. Companies of the sector want to present to you their products and with incredible offers so that you enjoy the day to the most. .

7th MAY

Bouldering returns with to the universities. The Sports Service from Ramon Llull University together with the La Salle Sports service (CELS), the Bous de la Salle  and and the Catalonian Rambling Associations (FEEC) are organizing this competition in order to look for the best climbers from our universities. The only requirement is to be a student and the will to compete!  

This is associated with the 2nd Catalan Cup on Bouldering, one of the most important competition in Spain. The best climbers will show off the hardest and most amazing movements in order to be the best boulder in Catalonia.

This year new features: COMPULSORY application in advance vía web, new categories (Sub-12, Sub-15, Sub-18, Absoluta and Veteranos), new competition system climbing in group and better schedule for everyone.


The registration is ONLY in advance and limited to 100 participants. The price is 25€. T-shirt, breakfast and a bag plenty of gifts courtesy of the climbing sector brands are included. The last day to register it is the 5th May.

1.    If you want to compete in the Catalunya Universitari Championship of Bouldering:
You must do it via web:
Once you are in this link, you must apply for the Catalunya University Championship. Once you have applied, it is necessary to pay and send an e-mail to, with the receipt of payment to the bank account with the name of the participant.        
Afterwards, you will need to go to the Sports Service of your University and ask them to enroll you at:

2.    If you want to compete in BOTH COMPETITIONS (you must be federated and be a student):
Same way than before, but you must apply for the Catalan Cup instead of the University Championship.
3.    If you just want to compete the catalan cup (you must be federated):
Once you are in the link, you must apply for the Catalan Cup. Once you have applied, it is necessary to pay and send an e-mail to, with the receipt of payment to the bank account with the name of the participant.   

 Saturday 7th May, from 8.00 to 8.30, it will be done the registrations for the Sub-12, Sub-15 & Veteranas categories. The other: Sub-18, Absoluta, Veteranos and Universitarios it will be from 1’30pm to 2’30pm. You need to bring your licence.  WITHOUT THIS DOCUMENT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE!!  For any further query or doubt about the competition rules, go to our web site:

Further information contact to:
Jaume Oliveras
Climbing Área Manager
La Salle Sport & Fitness (De L. a V. de 18.00 a 21.00 h)